Questions to Ask When Adopting a Dog

Do you want a new dog? Maybe your family is growing, or perhaps you are looking for an emotional support animal. Whatever the case may be, before adopting a dog it’s important to ask questions first! We’ve compiled questions and what answers you likely will receive to help make sure that this new member of your family will fit in with your lifestyle and household.

When can I adopt a dog?

There are many adoptable dogs in the area, but you need to know when to adopt. You can adopt a dog at any time of year! However, there are things that the season should inform your decision on the best time for adoption. The most popular adoptions happen during the spring and summer months because pets are more likely to be less crowded with their litters inside warmer climates. If you want an adult dog rather than a puppy or kitten, fall is another great choice as animal shelters start hosting larger pet drives around this time due to colder temperatures outdoors attracting animals without shelter. Winter may not be the ideal timeframe for first-time owners though since it’s also very difficult finding homes for older animals who aren’t as “cute” anymore.

Where can I adopt a dog from?

People who adopt dogs are often looking for a friend to bring home. For many, it is their first time having a dog of their own and they want to adopt from somewhere reputable that will help them with the transition into dog ownership. There are countless options when choosing where you can adopt your new pup but remember how important this decision is because there’s nothing quite like rescuing an animal in need! Here are some great places to start:

Rescue Organizations

There are hundreds of rescue organizations out there ranging across all kinds of breeds throughout Canada. Some rescues specialize in small breed dogs while others focus on different types of animals such as cats or horses. Many times these shelters receive surrendered pets so many have limited space available which means you’ll need to adapt quickly if you are interested in one of their dogs.

Pet Stores

Adopting a dog from a pet store may be the right option for some people but keep in mind that these pets often come from puppy mills or can even have unknown backgrounds, meaning they could have been exposed to many different viruses and diseases which means that owning them will cost significantly more than adopting elsewhere because your pup needs constant veterinary care. So before picking up any cutie at the mall consider how much it would save you long-term! That being said, there are plenty of reputable stores out there so simply do your research first by asking about where they get their pups from as well as visiting other nearby and checking online reviews before making your decision.

How much does it cost to adopt a dog from a dog shelter?

The cost of adopting a dog from an animal shelter will vary depending on the age and breed of your new pet. It can be anywhere between $75 – $500, but for adoptable breeds with lower adoption fees, it is possible to find one for free or very cheap. Depending on what type of accommodation you have made in advance (like crate training) this price may increase slightly as well. Many shelters offer payment plans if needed which usually don’t incur interest charges so long as you pay them off in time. Dogs that are sick when they arrive at the shelter often require additional care before being adopted out again leading to higher costs than normal adoptions, although these dogs need homes too! This means that adoptions fees are usually lower than healthier adoptable dogs.

How do I adopt a dog at the shelter?

Adopting a dog from your local shelter is a great idea because you can adopt an amazing dog at a low cost.

There are many benefits to adopting a dog rather than buying one from the pet store or breeder. One of them is that there are so many dogs waiting for loving homes at animal shelters and rescues, which makes it easier on yourself since adoptions fees will be lower financially if you adopt versus purchase from another source. Plus, this way you’re saving two lives- yours and the life of the pup! Many places let people adopt fee waivers as well when they sign up to volunteer with their organization or offer discounts for those who volunteer with other organizations relevant to animals such as donating items like dog food, cleaning supplies, and more.

The adoption process is pretty simple but varies depending on the organization you adopt from so be sure to read all of their guidelines before heading out there to adopt a dog! You’ll need some form of identification, such as a license or passport with your current address listed. Be sure that if you have other pets at home they are up-to-date on necessary vaccinations for them too! Once everything checks out you can adopt your new furry friend and take him or her home where they will soon feel right at home in no time.

What are the benefits of adopting a dog?

If you’re considering adopting a dog, many benefits come along with choosing to adopt. For example:

  • Adopting a dog can be less expensive than purchasing from a breeder.
  • You can help an adoptable animal find a new home and gain a furry friend for life!
  • If you adopt, there is no risk of contributing to the pet overpopulation problem by adding another litter into your local shelters.
  • Having pets in your household has been shown to have many psychological benefits including lower stress levels, increased self-esteem, and overall happiness. Pets can stimulate learning activities such as training which helps increase intelligence while also providing unconditional love that cannot be found elsewhere.
  • In addition, adopting dogs will save their lives because they won’t end up being euthanized at overcrowded shelters after spending months or even years living
  • Adopting means saving the life of an animal who would otherwise spend its life in a shelter or rescue organization
  • You can choose from various breeds and sizes – whether it’s your first pet or your tenth – so you don’t have to worry about not finding one suitable for your family and lifestyle
  • There is no better feeling than knowing that by adopting, you’re giving back; everyday dogs across the country need homes just as much as those at local shelters do.
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