How To Groom A Morkie

The Morkie’s coat is fast-growing and requires frequent grooming. If you don’t take consistent care of your Morkies fur then it can begin to get matted, dirty, and unhealthy. Their diet will also play a factor in the health of their fur and coat so we recommend you read our Best Dog Food For Morkies guide. Here are some tips for helping your pet look its best!

Start Grooming Your Morkie When They Are A Puppy

To avoid potentially unpleasant experiences while grooming, it is important to introduce Morkies to these common tools as early as possible. You should start grooming and brushing your Morkie when they are a puppy so they can get used to the routine and understand that they aren’t in danger during the grooming process.

Brush Your Morkie On A Consistent Basis

A good brushing routine is a must for your Morkie. Give them a brush at least once or twice per week, if not more often. Their hair can get tangled easily, so make sure you’re thorough! You should help your Morkie get used to being brushed and train them to enjoy the brushing compared to trying to attack the brush.

Groom Around The Eyes of Your Morkie

Morkies are likely to have sensitive eyes, and that area may produce more tears. Daily wiping with a cloth can be helpful in preventing tear marks from forming and hair from sticking to the eye area. It is important to clean the eye boogers and tear stains out of the eyes of your Morkie so it doesn’t build up and irritate the skin around your dogs eyes.

Use Pet Safe Shampoo When You Bathe Your Morkie

Different people will tell you different things about how often to wash your dog. We find it healthy to bathe Morkies every two weeks, as they usually live in a clean environment for most pet owners. It is important to use a shampoo that is safe for pets and is specifically for sensitive skin so you can keep your Morkies fur clean and healthy.

Trim Their Nails

We recommend that you get your Morkie’s nails trimmed at their monthly grooming appointment, the size of their paws may make it more difficult for you to do this yourself – certainly don’t injure them if you can. It is possible to trim or grind their nails down on your own if you focus on doing it in a safe manner for your Morkie.

Visit A Professional Groomer On A Consistent Basis

Make grooming your dog a priority by trimming its nails and taking it once every month to a professional groomer for a cut. Doing this should keep their fur neat, and if you feel they need a more precise hairstyle, ask your salon staff how right at home.

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