Dogs As Divine Messengers and Spiritual Guides

Throughout history there have been thousands of stories of individuals claiming that their dog is actually a divine messenger or spiritual guide that has helped them navigate their life. These types of stories have commonly thought to be a part of cultural folklore but the strange consistency and frequency of these types of claims has help to solidify the idea of dogs being spiritually significant.

If you have been a dog parent in your lifetime or have had a close relationship with a dog then you will probably understand that this type of relationship is special. But how special can they be considered? Are dogs just companion animals that will always love you? Or is it possible that they can be considered divine messengers or spiritual guides that have been placed in your life for a reason?

In this article we will talk will spiritual experts to help learn about the importance that dogs can have on your life.

The Spiritual Importance of Dogs

There have been stories from thousands of years ago about dogs actually being angels in a physical form. These types of stories have been found in a variety of different cultures such as ancient Egypt, Asia, Africa, North America, and much more. Courtney Taylor of Gratitude Secrets is a spiritual healer and has this to say “In the spiritual industry, dogs have been known to play a significant part throughout human history. Dogs have been used as a physical reference to divine beings, angels, and other symbolism across many different cultures. Dogs can even provide meaning to angel numbers, numerology, and other energy healing rituals.”

As you can see, dogs have played a significant part throughout spiritual history, religion, and even cultural societal growth.

Dogs Who Have Passed Away Are Now Spiritual Guides

It is a common belief among pet parents as well as spiritual leaders that dogs as well as other companion animals who pass away will become spiritual guides who will look out and protect you. These animals will pass into the next spiritual stage of life and will spend their time protecting their family from harm and bad energy.

World famous psychic and spiritual teacher, Sylvia Brown demonstrates this idea in her popular 2009 book titled “All Pets Go To Heaven: The Spiritual Lives of the Animals We Love“. In the book she talks in depth about the history of pets when it comes to the spirituality and religious industries. Brown also goes into great detail about the next stage of life for animals who pass away and leave their earthy form behind.

The Importance of Dogs

Even though there is a ton of conversations about the importance of dogs and other companion animals as spiritual guides. It is also important to talk about the importance of dogs while they are living on earth. Dogs and other companion animals are here for you every step of the way. They are here during the hard times and help to make the hard times better.

You can expect to spend some of the best moments of your life with your dog and you should never take this for granted. Dogs are known for being great companions but they are also extremely smart and thoughtful. Most dogs seem to know when you are struggling or just need a hug. They love you more than anything else because you are their entire world.

You should never taker the time you spend with your dog for granted because unfortunately they don’t have as long of a lifespan as us humans.

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