Can Dogs Eat This Type of Food?

learn if dogs can eat that type of food

Are You Thinking About Sharing Your Favorite Type Of Food With Your Dog?

It’s important to learn if that food is safe for dogs!

The Thank Your Vet Organization, and our Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Jacob Hawthorne, DVM have seen it all when it comes to the health of dogs around the world. Dogs have specific nutritional requirements that are unique from humans as well as other animals. This is what makes picking dog food and dog treats so important for your canine friend.

Most dog foods will provide them with most of the nutritional requirements that they need but there are some brands that are much healthier and much safer than others. When it comes to human foods, there are some types of foods that can provide beneficial nutrients and vitamins to your dogs diet, some foods that they will enjoy eating, and then other foods that are dangerous for them to eat. For this reason, you should always know what types of foods your dog can safely eat and what types of foods they should not eat.

Our team of vets and dog nutritionists have researched some of the most common human foods and have written guides on whether or not it is safe for your dog to eat them. This will answer the question about if your dog can eat specific types of food or not.

We strive to create an article for every single common type of human food but if you don’t see the type of food on our list that you are looking for then please reach out to our team.

Just browse through our list below to learn about if your dog can safely eat each different type of human food:

We hope these guides help you understand what type of food or snacks are safe for your dogs and what types of food they should avoid eating.

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Dr. Jacob Hawthorne, DVM is a certified veterinarian who graduated from the University of California - Davis Veterinary School in 2012. He specializes in nutrition and veterinary medicine for companion animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and more. He has been featured in websites such as PetMD, Yahoo News, Hills Pet, Daily Paws, and more. Learn more about Dr. Jacob Hawthorne, DVM.