Morkie Weight Chart

If your Morkie is a puppy, you might wonder how much he’ll weigh when he’s full-grown. Conversely, if your adult Morkie weighs more than expected or less than the recommended free-weight range for his size, you should consult your veterinarian to see why this may be happening and what can be done. The nutrition of … Read more

Are Morkies Hypoallergenic

are morkies hypoallergenic

When first time dog owners research Morkies, they often find conflicting information about their coat and shedding. Is the Morkie sure to not shed or is it at risk for shedding? The nutrition of your dog can also impact the amount of dander and allergens the give off. This is why we recommend you read … Read more

How To Groom A Morkie

grooming a morkie

The Morkie’s coat is fast-growing and requires frequent grooming. If you don’t take consistent care of your Morkies fur then it can begin to get matted, dirty, and unhealthy. Their diet will also play a factor in the health of their fur and coat so we recommend you read our Best Dog Food For Morkies … Read more

Why Do German Shepherds Whine

why do german shepherds whine

Being a german shepherd is hard; you often whine, but it’s important when you do to also know how to stop. In this article, you’re going to find out how to get them to stop, and just as importantly, why they’re whining in the first place. It is also important to learn about the Best … Read more

German Shepherd Howling

stop a german shepherd from howling

The question “do german shepherds howl” is one that many people ask. If you own a german shepherd and they howl, then you might be curious why they do it.. Continue reading to find out why most german shepherds howl, as well as more information about this popular breed. If you own a German Shepherd … Read more

My Australian Shepherd Is Out Of Control

aussie is out of control

Australian Shepherds are a high-energy breed that was bred to work with humans. Their need for energy can sometimes be misdirected in the form of outbursts, but often it’s just pent up energy and increased exercise is all they need. Aussie’s also require specific nutritional needs to provide them with the protein and nutrients that … Read more