Do Cocker Spaniels Shed? How to Manage Shedding

do cocker spaniels shed?

Cocker Spaniels are a highly sought-after breed for families. They are small and adorable, with sweet, gentle dispositions, initially bred for fetching small game for hunters.   That said, they have beautiful, luxurious coats that require constant, even daily, care. Can regular brushing help control shedding? What kinds of brushes work best on these beautiful coats? … Read more

My Dog Attacked My Other Dog Over Food – What To Do To Stop Food Aggression In Dogs

How To Stop My Dog attacking My Other Dog Over Food

Dogs are loyal and protective of their families but sometimes can turn on each other, especially when food is a common issue. If you have aggressive dogs around food, it’s essential to correct behavior before it becomes a bigger problem. This blog post will discuss what causes food aggression in dogs and how to stop … Read more

Is AKC Registration Worth It?

is american kennel club registration worth it?

AKC registration is a valuable tool for dog owners. It can provide peace of mind and help identify your pet if they become lost. AKC registration is not necessary to have a healthy and well-behaved pet. We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of AKC registration. Everything You Need To Know About AKC The American … Read more

Can A Dog Get A Cat Pregnant?

can a dog get a cat pregnant

There’s a common misconception that dogs and cats can get pregnant with each other – but the answer is no, they cannot. Cats and dogs have different reproductive systems, making it impossible for a dog to get a cat pregnant. This article will explore the differences between their reproductive systems and how they result in … Read more

How Long Is A Dog’s Memory?

dog memory

Dogs have a highly developed memory and dogs’ memories are much better than humans. A dog’s short-term memory is about five minutes long, while its long-term memory can last up to three years. Dogs also remember scents for several months. They use this ability to recognize other dogs and people they’ve encountered in the past … Read more

How To Carry A Dog Safely

carry a dog

How do you carry a dog? This is a question that many people face when they are out and about with their canine companions. The answer to this question can depend on the size of your dog, how much energy it has, what kind of day it is outside, etc., but in general, there are … Read more

How To House Train Your Puppy

house train dog

Training a puppy can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. In this blog post, we will talk about how to house train your puppy and some tricks you can use to keep them from making messes or chewing on things they shouldn’t. A few good tips are: don’t let the dog have access … Read more

How To Leash Train A Dog

leash train dog

A leash is an important tool for dog owners. Leashes help control your dog’s behavior and give you more freedom to explore the world without worrying about your pet running off. In this article we will teach you how to leash train your dog! First, What Is Leash Training Leash training is the first step … Read more