What You Should Know About Lyme Disease in Dogs

dog lyme disease

As many dog owners know, Lyme disease can be a very serious issue for both people and their canine companions. It is caused by the Lyme bacterium, which is transmitted to humans through infected ticks, and it can cause debilitating symptoms in dogs. What is Lyme disease in dogs? Lyme disease is an infectious illness. … Read more

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Dr. Jacob Hawthorne, DVM

Dr. Jacob Hawthorne, DVM is a certified veterinarian who graduated from the University of California - Davis Veterinary School in 2012. He specializes in nutrition and veterinary medicine for companion animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and more. He has been featured in websites such as PetMD, Yahoo News, Hills Pet, Daily Paws, and more. Learn more about Dr. Jacob Hawthorne, DVM.