About The Thank Your Vet Team

Our Mission

The team at Thank Your Vet is here to provide dog owners with the knowledge and data behind feeding their dog the best food for their dietary needs. Each breed of dog requires a different set of nutritional components and that is where our team comes in! We work with a team of veterinarians to help develop recommended for feeding and training your dog no matter what breed or health conditions it has.

Where We Have Been Featured

Our work has had us featured in a variety of dog websites, newspapers, and even veterinarian conferences. You can read more about us below:

Our Organization Goals

The team at Thank Your Vet strive to provide scientific backed recommendations for the best dog food for your specific dog breed. Each breed of dog requires slightly different nutritional needs, vitamins, and mineral levels. Our team works with a team of vets and animal behavior consultants to educate our readers on what type of food you should feed to your dog.

If you have any questions about our team or would like to learn more, then please use our contact form.

Meet Our Chief Veterinary Officer

Doctor Jacob Hawthorne veterinarian

Dr. Jacob Hawthorne, DVM

Dr. Jacob Hawthorne is a certified Veterinarian who graduated from the prestigious University of California – Davis Veterinary School in 2012. He has worked at numerous local veterinary offices before starting his own vet office in 2017. He expertise and academic background specializes in Veterinary Medicine and nutritional guidance for dogs. With years of experience guiding individuals on the best nutritional diet for dog breeds, he strives to spread science based guidance for dogs around the world with the help of the Thank Your Vet Organization.

Dr. Jacob Hawthorne, DVM